Some call him HEAD!
Established Duce N A Quater ENT in 2008. Advise artists,producers, engineers in the music industry. He went on to found Duce N A Quater Publishing in 2010. Also he records and edits videos, Photos, Duplicate CD's and so on! Whatever it takes to get his hustle on while spreeding knowledge and motavating his entire Duce family!


 M.C. Fresh, Tallhead and Saint collectively make up BIO ENT all though some may view them as a group they are far from it. M.C. Fresh writes gangsta/ pop music, he is a PRO model and Dee-Jays. Tallhead is a character with his antimated voice and brings a different appeal wheather it's his fashion in clothes or web design. He also writes, produces, and is a PRO. Saint Nic places his self in the music he writes and his stage presence is over powering and demanding. He is an outstanding father, PRO, and engineers the music to make sure they get the sound and quality that their music requires. Click Pic to hear music, see videos, and up coming shows.


Kharlos Patrick best known as K-PAT is a dynamic up and coming R&B artist straight from the west side of Atlanta, GA. With a cross mix of Gerald Lavert, Luther Vandross and Jermiah you are sure to fall in love all over again. With his soothing sound he engages his audience with natural talent that fills the soul.


Tall Head, not only stands out amoung the members of BIO ENT, he also is the CEO of his own Marketing Company; ATLANTA SPLURGE, and Promotion Company EGO BOOSTIN. Click His Pic and check out the other things he has jumpin!


Get UR Game Up!
Gee Streets was born and raised in Rochester, New York. He graduated high school and eventually joined the Armed forces. He was deployed to Iraq where he served a year until returning home in 06. Since then he has been grindin it out. Wherever he goes, he is going to leave his mark. He writes, produces, records and mixes down all of his material. Just listen to his music and you will hear the quality. If you're looking for an above average artist who focuses on his lyrics, and not just the beat then you've found him. If you are looking for someone who can blend in while standing out with various styles then look no furthur. He does everything an all in one machine. If you are looking for a BEAST then get at me for beats and shows! Yea baby!

M. C. Fresh

Carolina raised, at the age of 26 Mc Fresh comes into da game raw and uncut.  Some people may say that fresh just dosent give a f&^k!!!! Speaking on ignorance, sex, drugs and money, Fresh's goal is to help people have an overstanding on life in general. Mc Fresh has been through it all and has a story to tell!!!!! Its up to you to listen!!!!!! 


Cool Beans!
LaKeda is a bubbly 17 year old pop/hip hop/ r&b singer. She also enjoys writing different genre of songs, is a PRO for her publishing company. In her spare time she watches scary movies and assist with caring for her grandmother among different community service activities....she started off as a normal girl who liked everyday activities and had a chance of a lifetime when her father took part in the music industry ever since then she’s been writing songs and performing.




Get wit It!
He's only 14 years old and swear he can take your girl. So he say don't get caught slippin. He loves to rap and write music and waits until his checks get bigger so he can live in the mall! On the real he was raised in Thomasville near the Penn in Atlanta and connects to 2Pac on the mother level. When he was 12 he was already smokin, drinking and in and out of juvvie. When he start running away in Knoxville TN, the system wanted to take him from his mother. She loved him enough to call call for back up she knew he needed a man in his life. Now hes back in school and has a diffrent outlook on life and thats to become a producer and reunite with his family!